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Big Castle


  • Multi-Activity Inflatable
  • High capacity: Up to 35 children
  • Made in France – High Manufacturing Quality
  • European Safety Standards – EN14960
  • M2 Fire Standards
  • Quick Installation: less than 30 min

More information

  • Length: 15,0 m
  • Width: 5,0 m
  • Height: 5,6 m
  • Height: Back Wall: 5,3 m
  • Max capacity: 35 children
  • Weight: 535 kg
  • Surface playground: 75 sqm
  • Total surface requested: L. 18,6 m x l. 10,4 m x h. 5,7 m
  • Age: Mini. 3 years old
  • Quantity of blowers: 2 (1500 W per blower)
  • Quantity available in Indonesia: 2


Rental / sewa istana balon, mainan anak, playground

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You organize a private or a public event, and you would like to rent one or some of our inflatable bounce houses for making children wonderingly happy or to attract families to your event?

Premium Events Partner offers the highest quality, meticulously cleaned, and safe inflatable bounce houses rental in all Indonesia. Our proposal includes:

  • Visit of your venue before the event
  • Delivery and installation of the inflatable(s)
  • The staff for taking care of the daily
    running of the event

Contact us and ask for our list of inflatables available for rent - Sewa istana balon dengan Premium Events Partner.