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Mookiland @ Palembang Icon

For the first time in Sumatera and Palembang, Mookiland!!!

From the 14th of June to the 15th of July - Palembang Icon
Playground available: Big Castle / Verticale Limite (medium) / Jungle

Children 60min: IDR 70,000 / Children 120min: IDR 90,000
Adult 60min: IDR 30,000 / Adult 120min: IDR 40,000

The Big Castle @ Central Park - Tribeca Plaza

From the 9th of June to the 17th of July - Central Park Jakarta (Tribeca Plaza)

Playground available: Big Castle

Children 30min: IDR 60,000
Parent 30min: IDR 20,000

Easter Wonderland w. Mookiland

From the 22nd of March to the 22nd of April - Pluit Village (Jakarta) -

List of playgrounds available: Jump Power / Crazy Net / Jungle / Toddler Area

Children 30min: IDR 50,000 (weekday) / IDR 70,000 (week-end)
Children 60min: IDR 70,000 (weekday) / IDR 90,000 (week-end)
Parent 30min: IDR 25,000 / Parent 60 min: IDR 30,000

The Maxi Adventure @ Food Centrum

From the 6th of March to the 8th of April - Mall Food Centrum (Jakarta Utara)

Come and try our Maxi Adventure XXL !!! 26m of crazy obstacles for all members of the family!! Who will finish it first?
Ticket price: IDR 60,000 - 45min

The Big Castle @ Bellanova Mall (Sentul)

From the 9th of February to the 18th of March - Bellanova Mall (Sentul)

Come and try our Big Castle !!!
Ticket price: IDR 60,000 - 45min

The Big Castle @ One Belpark Mall

From the 13th of February to the 26th of February - One Belpark Mall (Cilandak - Jakarta)

Come and try our Big Castle !!!
Ticket price: IDR 60,000 - 45min

Mookiland on TV - Net 12

"Christmas Funtasy in Kemang with Mookiland"

From the 30th of November to the 14th of January - Lippo Mall Kemang (Jakarta) -

List of playgrounds available:
- Maxi Adventure XXL
- Le Verticale Limite
- Jungle
- Toddler area

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